Plauché & Carr LLP’s environmental practice focuses on helping clients resolve complex regulatory issues. Our practice spans a broad spectrum of environmental matters including: counseling clients on which laws apply to their activities; guiding clients through environmental crises; negotiating to resolve enforcement and administrative actions; and where resolution is not otherwise possible, litigating environmental claims. The attorneys at Plauché & Carr LLP bring a wealth of experience on the full spectrum of federal and state environmental statutes, including:

  • Natural Resource Damages actions under the Oil Pollution Act, CERCLA, and their state counterparts
  • Clean Water Act compliance, permitting, enforcement and defense
  • Hazardous waste compliance statutes, including CERCLA, RCRA and their state counterparts
  • Wetlands compliance and defense
  • Endangered Species Act compliance
  • Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act consultation and compliance
  • Clean Air Act compliance
  • Marine Mammal Protection Act compliance
  • National/State Environmental Policy Acts
  • California Environmental Quality Act